Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ladeze 2014

The Lazy Daze Ladeze get together is an annual event. This was my 3rd time attending, my first time being in 2010. It was held in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area just southwest of Taos, NM.

Here's our host and the organizer of this get together, Lorna. You can see her blog here.

A few of us got together the day before the start of the event. Lorna, Kathy, Laurelee and Jeanne.

Joan (co-host) was unable to attend this year, but she was with us in spirit and if you'll look on the rig in the picture above, you'll see that we had "Joan on a stick" with us. We missed you Joan!

There were educational sessions, like this one with Gini showing us what to check under the hood of the truck.

Here's Lisa showing us the tools and gadgets that she carries. She also showed us how to tighten the carriage bolts under the rig and various other chassis maintenance tips.

Laurelee gave an informative talk about the pros and cons of towing and she gave a demonstration on how she hooks up her toad.

Monica gave a talk on thermal cooking. We got to sample her beef stew made in the thermal cooker at one of our meals. She also showed us her Cobb grill and explained how to use it for different types of cooking. This is a neat little cooker.

There were other sessions as well which I didn't get pictures of, so I hope that someone else will post to their blogs about them. I'll update this with other links as they become available.

We had a really nice group building where we met during the days and evenings. We had dinner together each of the 4 nights we were there.

And we had campfires when it wasn't too windy.

There were fun and games too, like a balloon toss...

... and rocket launch. You might need to click on this to see the rocket taking off as Betty stomped on the launcher.

LeeAnn did best with the hula hoop.

Gini with the paddle and ball.

Kathy did great with the yoyo.

What's that on Kathy's head? Well, it was Silly Hat Night. Here are some more pictures of Ladeze in hats.

Well, he's not one of the Ladeze, but isn't Rico cute in this hat?

Thank you Ladeze for the enjoyable and informative week in NM this year. Hope to see you down the road again soon.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Bean Day

Today was Bean Day in Wagon Mound, New Mexico. Festivities were held all weekend in this small town of about 300 people.

Yesterday, there were mud bog races. Apparently, mud bogging is a big deal in this area.

Here are pictures of a few of the vehicles. There were dozens!

Once the event began, the mud did fly! And, boy, was it loud! 

As time passed and many vehicles drove through the mud, it got deeper and deeper.

This was the first of several vehicles to get stuck in the mud. 

There was also a rodeo all three days of the holiday weekend. The kids sheep riding looked like fun for some of the kids.

Bull riding is probably the most popular or most well-known event. 

Bronc riding is equally popular.

There were all kinds of roping events and other events as well, but no pictures of those taken. In all, an interesting place and eventful celebration.