Monday, July 28, 2014

Folk Art Museum

I've spent the last few weeks in New Mexico. I planned on spending a few days at Storrie Lake State Park and ended up staying there for 2 weeks. I probably would have stayed longer if there wasn't a 14-day limit.

Besides it being a comfy spot, I got to visit with RV JohnBarbara, Jeanne, Annie and Roxi. And those are just the folks who have blogs! I like that we can follow one another's travels online. We had a couple happy hours together and Jeanne fired up her grill one night for all who wanted to throw something on the fire.

From Storrie Lake, I drove to Santa Fe where there are a lot of museums, so I picked one that I thought might be different and interesting, the Museum of International Folk Art.

I'll just post a few of the dozens of pictures I'd taken.

Brazilian puppets

Dance Masks from Guatamala

Nativity from Mexico

Opera Figures from China

There was a whole gallery of wood carvings done in New Mexico.

Most were of animals.

This sign was by most of these carvings.

There were a number of whimsical carvings, like this "hog".

The special exhibit on Japanese kites was why I went to the museum. Today was the last day of this exhibit.

There were several displays of kites from different regions of Japan.

There was also a video of a kite festival and kite fighting competitions, an interesting past time.

Overall, it was a pleasant way to spend a few hours out of the heat.