Friday, April 11, 2014

George H. W. Bush Presidential Library

Brion and I drove up to College Station to check out the George H W Bush Presidential Library.

It's on the Texas A&M campus in a lovely setting. Outside there are a couple sculptures.

There's a pond behind the library where you can go fishing, if you like. You don't even need a fishing license, but it's catch and release only.

Inside, there's the usual history with pictures and video documenting the life of the former president.

I thought this was cool - a picture of George with Babe Ruth.

Presidents and first ladies receive many gifts from foreign dignitaries. They are allowed to use these gifts while the president is in office, but once he has moved on, the gifts go to libraries and museums because they are the property of the American people.

There's a replica of the Laurel Lodge office at Camp David.

And a replica of part of the Oval Office. 

There was a special exhibit on Offshore Drilling. This was appropriate given that George Bush was in the oil industry and also because Texas A&M has a decent Petroleum Engineering department. There were diagrams and models of offshore oil rigs, videos and sample equipment.

I was especially interested in going to College Station because I hadn't been there since I graduated from Texas A&M more than 30 years ago. Great school! Check out this article about Texas A&M written by someone who attended a football game there as a fan of the opposing team.
The Greatest Fans of the Greatest Fans

All that said, I hardly recognized the place, it had grown so much! I hope the traditions remain intact.


  1. I've been hearing a lot on the radio about President Bush and his history - one station interviewed the family and they had some great stories from when the President was a young husband and father. He sounds like an especially wonderful person, the kind you'd like to know. Glad you got to take the tour! :)

  2. That's interesting about the presents. does that mean I can borrow the jewelry?