Friday, March 14, 2014

Fort Huachuca and Tombstone

I'm with the WINs in Sierra Vista and it's great to see everyone here!

One day we went to Fort Huachuca which was established in 1877 and still in use today.

There are a couple museums that are open to the public, one of which is a museum on military intelligence, its history and what is done in present time at Fort Huachuca. There are currently 120 courses in military intelligence taught here.

There was a section of one museum devoted to the Buffalo Soldiers who served here.

There were a lot of displays of the history of the base and this area of the country.

On another day, a bunch of us drove to Tombstone, an old silver mining town. The courthouse museum provided much of the history of the town.

The courtroom.

There's a gallows out back and I thought this "Invitation to a Hanging" was interesting.

Assay equipment and stock from an assay office in Tombstone.

There are several stagecoaches that tour the town.

One of Tombstone's most famous events was the gunfight at the OK Corral. We went to see a re-enactment of sorts.

The three men who died at the shootout were buried at Boot Hill Cemetary along with about 300 others who have been buried here.

This sign was on the outside of one of the shops in Tombstone. Perhaps we should hang one of these wherever a politician is speaking on the campaign trail.


  1. Wow ~ all of it's interesting ! Didn't realize invitations were sent for hangings...

  2. We were disappointed in Tombstone (too touristy), but I guess we should have gone to the museum before we walked around town.

  3. Great photos and commentary!

  4. I was in Tombstone and Bisbee, also the Chiricahua Mountains early last March before going to Mexico, and Sierra Vista and Fort Huachuca in April after returning to the U.S. I wonder when we might meet again on the road somewhere?