Friday, June 14, 2013

Lobsters, Blueberries and L.L. Bean

Guess where I am.

I'd never been to Maine before, even though I grew up in Connecticut. I figured that since I was so close and not likely to be driving this way again, I should scoot up to the the Pine Tree State.

I stayed a night in the L.L. Bean RV parking lot in Freeport, which is free and actually quite nice. I really like L.L. Bean and I walked around to look at what was there. There's the Flagship L.L. Bean retail store, of course. There's also an L.L. Bean Hunting and Fishing store.

And an L.L. Bean Home store.

There's also an L.L. Bean Bike, Boat and Skiing store AND an L.L. Bean outlet. I didn't take pictures of all of them. I was just surprised to see so many L.L. Bean stores. And they're huge! There are lots of other stores too and I did a little window shopping, but mostly just went out for the walk. I didn't buy anything. I really don't have room for anything else in my rig.

The next day, I drove in the rain to Acadia National Park. I drove part way around the 27 mile scenic Park Loop, but since it was overcast and raining, I didn't get any pictures worth posting.

The following day was partly sunny, warm and beautiful and I took a walk from the campground to the ocean where I sat on the rocks and enjoyed the view. This isn't a place Brion would like, being on the edge of cliffs and all.

Then I enjoyed the rest of the Park Loop scenic drive. Here are a couple of pictures I took.

This one is from Cadillac Mountain.

I won't bore you with more. Once you've seen one rocky coastline, you've seen them all. It looks a lot like the Oregon coast to me.

I drove through Bar Harbor and parked in the RV parking area they provide and I spent a few hours in town. It's a very scenic and lovely town on the water. There's several blocks of cute, touristy shops and restaurants.

There's also a nice park by the water.

It appears that all of the restaurants and many of the stores sell blueberry stuff - blueberry pies, cakes, soda and all sorts of other things. One store had blueberry everything.

My favorite part of the afternoon was lunch. I didn't have blueberry anything, but I did enjoy the other food for which Maine is famous.



  1. Freeport was the first town we have been to that really was a whole town outlet center. L L Bean was sure big, but they were not offering a lot of hoe town discounts:)

  2. Looks really nice ~ Mouth-watering Maine Lobster!

  3. Yeah--cliffs aren't my favorite thing. At all.

  4. Many, many years ago I would spend the summers at the YWCA where I rented a room in Bar Harbor. It was inexpensive, there were folks there to visit with, and great fun. I actually picked blueberries and made jam!

  5. Looks like L L Bean really has a lock on that area. Lunch looks really yummy!

  6. Makes me want to start planning a 2014 Eastern trip!

  7. That lobster looks soooo good. I haven't had lobster for a while - usually only when my son in California bar-b-ques them. I love lobster.

    I do the same thing you talked about, I'll window shop, go inside, pick things up, think about where I'm going to put them, and then put them back. Honestly, not having a lot of room sure saves me money! If I can't eat it, I don't usually buy it. :)