Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm getting worse and worse when it comes to blogging and taking pictures. For my week in Knoxville, I only took one picture. Here's my friend, Sylvia, by my rig in Great Smokey Mountains National Park where we were camped by the river. Beautiful place.

It's funny how people spread out and then some seem to congregate in certain places. So it is with Knoxville. I first visited with Holly and her family. We worked together in California and last saw each other 9 years ago. Sydney and Pete moved to Knoxville, after travelling far and wide, after living in Denver where we met. It'd been about 20 years since I'd seen them. Sylvia and I became friends in Charleston, SC while we were stationed there in the Air Force. It had been about 33 years since we'd seen each other. It was great seeing all these friends and I'm so glad we were able to get together after all these years.

Tomorrow, I'll be seeing Julie and Lon who I worked for in California. They're in Virginia and I'm really looking forward to seeing them too. This is definitely one of the major advantages of living in a motorhome and travelling around.

While I was in Texas, I decided to drive to Connecticut to visit friends and family there. It's where I grew up. I'll be there next week and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll take a few pictures to share on the blog.