Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Favorite Museum

While Brion was here, since I've raved about the Musical Instrument Museum, he was interested in going there. He loved it. I went last year and you can see my blog post about it here.

Since I've already blogged about the museum in general, I thought I'd post pictures of a few of the unique things (of many) that I saw. I have so many pictures, that I had a hard time picking which ones to post, but here you go.

In the guitar gallery, there are many notable and unique guitars. Here's one from Portugal, c. 1590. The label on it says, "Instruments resembling the modern guitar first appeared in the late 1400's. Of the early guitars still in existence, this is considered the oldest full-sized example."

A glass cavalry trumpet and a porcelain violin.

This is a bat khine (gong chime) from Thailand.

A drum with rattlesnake tails which make it sound like a snare drum.

The first Steinway.

Not only did I learn about all kinds of different musical instruments, I learned a bit of geography. There are displays with instruments from most countries in the world. Some were countries I'd never heard of before, like these. I like that there are maps on the displays to show where these countries are.

This is such an amazing museum. And it's huge! Though I've been twice already, there's so much more that I want to see, so I'll be going back later this month when Debbie comes out for a visit.

If you're anywhere near Phoenix, don't miss this.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Scottsdale

Brion drove out this week and we've been doing some touristy stuff. Nearby is the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. Besides being a great place to take kids, there are a few things to see for us big kids. There's a model railroad building where several model railroads are in the process of being built/modified.

I like this locomotive crashing through the wall (click on picture to enlarge it).

There's a small museum which includes a Pullman car built in 1928 and used by Presidents Hoover, Roosevelt and Eisenhower. Reminds me of a big RV.

Here's a picture of the floorplan and some info on capacity, etc.

Here's one of the private rooms.

A bedroom.

The dining room.

The parlor (called the Observation room).

I wouldn't mind travelling in one of these Pullman cars myself.

We also went to Taliesin West, the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright.

We took the 90-minute Insights tour. I thought it was interesting how these pieces he obtained in San Francisco's China Town were incorporated into the walls of the buildings.

I also enjoyed the sculpture garden.

This is a great place if you're interested in architecture or Frank Lloyd Wright.