Friday, February 8, 2013

Christmas in Las Vegas

Brion and I drove to Las Vegas on Christmas day and Debbie flew in from Denver that afternoon. The following day, Sally and Ted flew in as well and we also met with our cousin, Joe, who lives in Vegas.

Here's a picture that Ted took of Sally, Brion, Joe, me and Debbie.

Joe told us that we should check out the conservatory at the Bellagio hotel, so we all walked over there one night. It was mobbed, but worth the visit.

I especially liked the polar bears.

They're made of carnations, mostly. Here's a closeup.

One day, we went over to the Neon Museum.

There are a lot of old neon signs in the boneyard there. It was an interesting tour.

And what would a trip to anywhere be, if I didn't get to see some classic cars? So, we walked through the auto collection at The Quad (was the Imperial Palace). A lot of the cars here are for sale. If I'd hit the jackpot while there, I would like to have picked up this 1929 Packard ($175,000). It would have to be a very big jackpot.

This little 1961 VW Micro Bus Double Door camper was for sale as well ($85,000), if anyone is interested.