Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goats and Leadville

Spent a night at Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy in Buena Vista. Did a tour of the farm and saw all the animals - goats, sheep, cow, pigs, dogs and guard llamas. Here's one of the llamas. They do a great job of guarding the goats.

Saw the goats being milked.

All of us on the tour had the opportunity to milk the goats too.

We saw how cheese was made and the "caves" that the cheese is aged in. We also got to sample most of the cheese that they made. Yum!

Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy is a member of Harvest Hosts, a group of farms and vineyards, etc. where RVers who are members can park overnight for free.

From Buena Vista, I drove up to Leadville. It's been hot in the Denver area and being at 10,200' had to be better. Well, it was that, for sure. It was actually a bit COLD in the morning, but a nice change. Leadville is an old mining town and I stayed at the Elks Lodge just a block from the historic downtown.

I met Cindy and Harold who were also parked there and we went to the Mining Museum shortly after I arrived.

This museum was lots better than I expected! There is a room of dioramas that document how gold mining progressed over the years.

There was also a model of a mine that you could walk through, that for me was a little creepy with the mannequins, but it was still impressive.

They had some sculptures and this one is called "Self-Made Man" which I thought was especially creative. Click on the image to get a larger copy.

I also liked this Wooten Desk.

Debbie and Indie came up to visit for a couple days too. Here they are napping after a busy day of touring.

We were surprised and delighted at how friendly all the people we met were. I'm definitely going to return to Leadville the next time I'm in Colorado. It's a place I would consider spending the summer if I wanted to stay put for a few months.