Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been in Colorado more than a month now and don't have a lot to post, but thought I'd at least add a few pictures here.

When we first arrived, Brion, Debbie, Evan and I went hiking in Boulder at Chautauqua Park. Brion and I went back a couple days later and hiked another trail. There's a variety of hiking trails here - something for everyone - and the views are terrific. Here's a picture of the flatirons taken from one of the trails.

It got dreadfully hot in the Denver area (record-breaking temps over 100 degrees F), so I scooted down to Woodland Park to visit Trish and Chip. They've recently put up one of the out buildings on their property. They call it a shed and at about 700 sq ft, it's the biggest shed I've ever seen. It was good to do some work in the outdoors for a few days.

One Saturday, we went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. We enjoyed several shows, all of which were very funny, especially the Washing Well Wenches. I've been to several Renaissance festivals and this one had the best variety of food of any I've been to.

Last Friday night, we walked around the Pearl Street mall in Boulder. There are a lot of street performers there and it's a pretty festive place.

Mostly I've been hanging out with Debbie. She got a dog, named Indie, a little while ago and she's a riot. I've never known a dog SO OBSESSED with toys. She especially likes these little stuffed eggs. I'll be over there to play catch with her some more, no doubt.


  1. Now, THAT's a shed! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to post. :-)

  2. Indie! She looks sad because you're taking pictures of her instead of playing with her. :P