Friday, April 13, 2012

Hiking in OC

I hadn't done much hiking this winter and found that I was terribly out of shape. Brion and I started hiking at Peter's Canyon which is a GREAT place for conditioning. Take a look at the trail behind me in the picture below. The route we take is about a 4-mile hike with great hills. We've been doing it every other day for the past couple weeks.

After having followed the blog Jimbo's Journeys for more than a year, I finally met Jim in Quartzsite in January. When I learned that he was in the area here, Brion and I drove out to O'Neill park this week to meet up with him and check out the hiking there.

We had a great 3-mile hike and when we reached the top of the trail, we had a 360-degree view of the area. On a clear day (it wasn't, unfortunately), you can see Catalina Island out in the ocean.

We've seen a couple snakes so far this year. One was a rattlesnake (looked like a Southern Pacific rattler) at Peter's Canyon. We did watch it from afar. The trails are wide enough that coming in contact with one of these critters is very unlikely.

Here's a picture that was taken slightly closer and then zoomed in:

I'm glad snakes don't freak me out, otherwise I might never hike again.