Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's that time of year when hundreds of thousands (or so I'm told) of RVs drive into the desert in Quartzsite, Arizona. There's a big RV show here in January as well as rock and gem shows, but most importantly, Quartzsite is a gathering place this time of year.

Barbara, Ron and I hiked up Q mountain to get a look around.

Here's a picture taken in the direction of the Lazy Dazes that were gathered in La Posa West.

Here's a closeup of the Lazy Dazes from up here.

There were pinatas...

... and sunsets...

... and campfires.

And lots of shopping at The Big Tent. Sorry, no picture of that here, but you can see it on other blogs, like Barbara's here. I didn't do much shopping myself. Surprise, surprise, eh? NOT.

Brion drove out for a few days and we went to The Desert Bar. This is such a cool place out in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Seriously. They have hamburgers and such and liquor and live music and a dance floor. What more can you ask for?

Camping with the WINs, we had an ice cream social. Here's Joanne and Viv in their pirate garb, promoting the WIN dance rally that will take place next month.

Andrea and Jim came by from the Lazy Daze gathering. I've been following Jimbo's Journeys for a while now and I was especially happy to finally meet Jim.

And here's me in one of my favorite places - I especially like going up here at night when there's a clear sky and no moon. The desert sky is the BEST!!


  1. Looks like fun and clearly you have better internet reception than RV Sanity:)

  2. I sure enjoyed meeting you as well. Hope we meet up again somewhere in our travels.