Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Death Valley

This was my first trip to Death Valley and it will not likely be my last. What a beautiful place! Now, I love the desert, but this was not at all what I expected and I heard the same from other first timers.

The colors and textures of the hills in Death Valley are gorgeous. This was taken at a place called Artist's Pallette due to the colors in the hills.

We took a short hike up a hill to a natural bridge. Look at the texture of the hills here.

And here's the natural bridge.

The Devil's Golf Course named because only the devil could play golf on its surface due to a rough texture from the large halite salt. Notice the snow on some of the mountain peaks behind me.

Badwater Basin is 282 feet below sea level, the lowest elevation in the western hemisphere. The red arrow points to a marker in the hill that indicates where sea level is.

Scotty's Castle, 56 miles north of where we were camped in Furnace Creek, is not really a castle and not built or owned by Scotty. This villa, which was built in the 1920's, more than 50 miles from its nearest neighbor, has always had running water and electricity.

I particularly liked the kitchen which was very modern for one built way back then with an electric refrigerator, gas stove, hot and cold running water (the hot water was solar heated).

The music room was also pretty awesome with player piano and organ and other instruments.

Ubehebe Crater is a volcanic crater in Death Valley not far from Scotty's Castle. If we'd had more time, I would like to have hiked the trail around the top of the crater. Maybe next visit.

We also participated in some of the Death Valley 49ers Encampment festivities. Some of the entertainment in the evenings was pretty good. It was chilly at night under the stars, but worth it to hear a couple of the singers they had there. Belinda Gail and Mary Kaye were my favorites. Those girls sure could sing.


  1. Great tour, brought back good memories of our time there :)

  2. There is a Lazy Daze GTG at Death Valley over New Years. They have been going there for many years at this time.

    I went last year and had a great time, but it did get very cold and we were not hooked up. It even snowed on the way out of the valley.

    Every one is invited so you might want to check it out.

  3. Now I'm sorry we didn't go. My knowledge of Death Valley is from one day. That crater was pretty cool and the 'castle.'

  4. WOW! Great pictures. We visited once, in a car, and didn't like it much. Hmmm...seems like it might be better in the RV. Thanks for posting all the photos.

  5. Amazing travels...never knew there is a volcanic crater in Death Valley...great pics too!

  6. The Devil's Golf Course is amazing! How large are those halite crystals?