Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oregon Coast

I met up with the WINs in Winchester Bay where they were parked at a marina. I was only there a day before they moved on, but really liked the views and the feel of the place. Reminded me more of a New England coastal town than anything west coast.

From there, we went to North Bend where we did some hiking and touring. One day, we went to a Myrtlewood factory, House of Myrtlewood. Myrtlewood is a hardwood that grows only in this area (OR and CA). Each piece that's made with myrtlewood is unique as the grain varies tremendously in color and design. There was plenty for sale.

After going there, we just HAD to check out the largest myrtlewood tree in Oregon while hiking one day.

We also hiked to some waterfalls. This one is Silver Falls.

We visited a candy factory, Cranberry Sweets. I loved the displays.

And watching the candy being made.

It was also fun to check out some of the dozens of samples. I did buy a couple treats which I'm rationing while driving down the coast.

In Gold Beach, we were parked next to the Rogue river in a field of anise.

I just loved stepping out of the rig in the morning and smelling the "licorice".

Further down the coast now and it's raining. Again. If you find the pitter-patter of rain on the roof soothing and peaceful, then this is the place for you. Personally, I hear my beloved desert calling me home.


  1. Oregon...fall...rain...yup that's what we get! We had a bit of sunshine here in Eugene this morning and pulled the rig out from under her cover to charge the batteries. An hour later it was all cloudy and starting to rain :( Seems like we only had about 6 weeks of summer this year.

  2. Sounds wonderful, wish I was still with you!

  3. I was amazed at the size and shape of the myrtlewood tree. How do you manage to ration candy?