Friday, October 28, 2011

Auto Museum

The National Automobile Museum in Reno is a car lovers paradise.

The history of the automobile is documented here with cars from the Harrah Collection beautifully displayed with other artifacts from the same era in each of a few different hallways and rooms.

If you like to see beautifully restored antique and classic cars, you'll love this museum.

I took dozens of pictures, but I'll just post a few that are most notable.

Here's a 1903 Ford Model A. It's not the oldest car in the museum, but it's the oldest Ford and the first affordable automobile for the general public at $850.

Here's a 1914 Detroit Electric car built by the Anderson Electric Car Company. These were produced between 1907 and 1938.

Check out some of the 40 batteries under the hood.

Here's a 1921 Ford Model T with the Lamsteed KampKar body. It could seat 6 adults, sleep 4, had a folding table, two-burner stove, 8 gallon water supply plus ample storage for blankets and clothing.
"...its only flaw was that it predated the R.V. craze by about 50 years."

The American-made Thomas Flyer won the world's first around-the-globe race in 1908. It made the 22,000-mile trip in 169 days. You can read more about it here.

There were many, many more cars, but the pictures don't do them justice. You really need to experience this place to fully appreciate it.

Since I have a great love of cars, especially old ones, there will be more car museum pictures coming soon.


  1. I LOVE that museum and it's been too long since our last visit. Thanks for sharing all your pictures...brought back good memories.

  2. Very cool. I like the camp car, but I'll take my Lazy Daze!

  3. Nice museum! For some reason, we have never been to Reno, will have to correct that:)