Thursday, September 15, 2011


As some of you know, I had to have the transmission replaced in the rig last year. I opted to get a Ford rebuilt because of the warranty and had it installed at a local shop, Tustin Transmission, where I've had work done for years on cars, vans, etc. If you're in Orange County, CA and need work done on a car, van, truck or small RV (various mechanical work, not just transmissions), call these guys. They're awesome!

Well, I brought the rig to this shop to get the transmission serviced and they found metal chunks in the pan and said I should take it to the Ford dealer for warranty work. So, that's what I did. Took a while to get it fixed (2+ weeks), but it's done and seems to be running fine.
Will have to take it on a long test drive this weekend.


  1. Glad it's all fixed! Why not test drive it up here for a visit?

  2. Glad you got it fixed and can take it on that loooooong test drive. It is always nice to deal with honest folks.