Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ladeze and Wildlife

The annual Lazy Daze Ladeze event in southern Oregon was a rollicking good time.

Here are our hosts, Joan and Lorna.

This is a girls only event.

There was no group picture taken this year. And you know that I didn't take many pictures, as usual. I hope that someone else did and posts them. If so, I'll put a link here. (Lorna's pics are here).

One day, some of the gals went on a river rafting trip. I didn't do the rafting, but instead, went with Kate into town. We saw a sign for Wildlife Images and decided to see what that was. When we parked the car, a guy was coming out to the front of the building with a bald eagle on his arm for a photo op with some other folks.

It's a wildlife rehabilitation and education center. Very beautiful place. You can go on a tour and see some of their permanent residents. I thought it was kind of cool to stand a few feet from a grizzly bear. When this guy stands up, he's about 9' tall. The fence between us is electric.

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  1. Great photo op with the eagle and bear. Would love to see more pictures - I know Kate said she was having a wonderful time. Sounds like fun.