Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gardens and Houses

I took a hike in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs one day. Very nice park to walk in.

On the weekend, I visited with my friend, Trish. This is her, driving around in a skidster.

She and Chip are building a house.

The foundation was recently poured.

It's a round house with added crescents for garage and some rooms.

Here are some other houses with round structures that I saw while in Colorado (at Mesa Verde).

Goodbye to Colorado for now. I may be back next year.


  1. Nancy, sure looks like you've been a round!! BWAAHAHAHAHA!!

  2. Lorna, you're a riot!
    Looking forward to seeing you next month!!

  3. Where will you be heading to next Nancy?

  4. Hey, Brad.
    Not sure where I'll be heading next, but hope to catch up with the WINs again before too long.