Monday, July 11, 2011


Though I lived in the Denver area for about 7 years a couple decades ago, I never visited Wyoming, a mere 1.5 hour drive. I'm happy to say that I've remedied that horrible error now!

I visited my friend, Karen, in Cheyenne. Here's a pic of Karen and Chuck taken in Phoenix earlier this year.

Karen gave me a tour of Cheyenne. We visited the state capitol building downtown. They were doing construction outside, so I just snagged this picture from the web.

The interior was beautiful...

...especially the stained glass ceilings.

We also went to the Wyoming state museum. It had a good mix of geography, geology, natural history and cultural exhibits. And it was FREE. I especially liked the exhibits on saddles, mining and dinosaurs. When I was growing up in Connecticut, we used to go to the Peabody Museum to see the dinosaur bones assembled there. Interestingly enough, some of those bones came from a site in Wyoming.

The museum website also has some interesting online exhibits, including one on a WWII POW camp that was in Wyoming.

The following day, we went up to Snowy Ridge and did a wonderful hike. It was raining later (and it rained on us a bit during the hike), but the rain didn't spoil the beauty of this area at all. I was surprised to see SO MUCH SNOW still on the ground. In places, the snow banks were taller than I am (which isn't saying a lot, but you know what I mean).

Thanks, Karen, for the wonderful hospitality and the tour of your beautiful and peaceful area.

You know, whenever I've thought about what places I might consider settling down some day (yes, I really do think about it despite the fact that "settling down" isn't really likely to happen), I've never considered Wyoming. Now, it's got to go on the list. It's ALMOST the perfect place. If only there was a Trader Joe's...


  1. Great pictures. If you get a chance, take a look at Sheridan, we loved it. Also Keyhole State Park is wonderful (go for the dry camping) and of course you can't miss Devil's Tower . . .

    I love Wyoming, wish I was there right now.

  2. I have been really impressed with Prescott, AZ. And guess what they are building! A Trader Joe's....