Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

Both my kids were born in Colorado, but grew up in southern California. Recently, my daughter, Debbie, moved back to the Denver area. It's been great being back here after so many years. I've always said that Colorado is the most beautiful place I've ever lived.

Debbie and I spent the weekend in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park (RMNP). The hiking was very good, of course.

I get a kick out of hiking in snow in the summer.

There was a lot of snow on the hike up to Dream Lake, some of which was a bit treacherous, but it was worth it.

If you've been to Rocky Mountain National Park, you know that the Elk own the place. There were 7 or 8 of them in the campground, enjoying the grass in the meadow for a few days before continuing their journey to higher elevations. They didn't pay much mind to people or cars or RVs.

We drove through Estes Park on the way to RMNP. We checked out the famous Stanley Hotel while we were there. It's where Stephen King got the idea for "The Shining."

A couple days is just never enough in our beautiful national parks. I look forward to visiting RMNP again soon.


  1. You are having such a great time, all my favorite parks, now Colorado! keep up the blogs so I can live vicariously.

  2. Love your blog and the great pics. RMNP is high on my bucket list.

  3. Dream Lake is one of my all-time favorite hikes. I love the Elk crossing the road.