Sunday, June 26, 2011

Colorado Nat'l Monument

I don't know that I've been to a national monument before now. (NOTE: Yes I have - Bandelier last year in New Mexico.) This one is a treasure.

The view from my campsite was similar to the following. How would you like to wake up to that view?

Due to lots of snow this winter and warmer than usual weather for a few days or more, the Colorado River was running over its banks in sections. Part of the highway, I-70, was closed the day before I passed through and it wouldn't surprise me if it's been closed again since then with the warm weather.

I should have taken pictures of my friends Jae and Leo who are rangers at Colorado Nat'l Monument, but you know how I forget my camera or just plain forget to take any pictures. It was great visiting with them and meeting new friends. I hope to visit again before too long.


  1. I have never been there but am adding it to my bucket list.

    I am also guilty at times of forgetting to take pictures even when I have my camera in my pocket.

  2. I love 'The Monument' as I understand the locals refer to it. And I like Grand Junction too.

  3. The Monument is one of a traveler-to-Colorado's best-kept secrets -- beautiful surprises around every bend. Thanks for the lovely reminders.