Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Capitol Reef

Driving here on Hwy 12 was magnificent. No pictures of that - at least none that would do the landscape justice. Once I arrived, I picked one of several available campsites and made myself at home. Here's a picture taken with my back to the campground. Doesn't it look serene?

The campground here is SO pleasant! I really liked staying here. There are orchards nearby where you can pick apples when they're in season. There are several hiking trails that leave from the campground or nearby. The hiking here was as good as just about anywhere.

This is another place I'd like to spend more time in the future.


  1. That's a real prize-winning photo of the barn and cliffs. Nice leading line with the fence. That is a great campground.

  2. Lovely photo Nancy -- makes me want to plunk myself right down in the middle of it! Enjoyed meeting you at Park Sierra Barbara!

    Happy trails all,