Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zion and Snow Canyon

A few weeks ago, I made a quick trip to the southwest corner of Utah. I'd driven past Zion National Park many times when I lived in Colorado and drove between there and southern California, but I never stopped to check it out and I've wanted to do so since the early 90's. What a great park! The hiking was particularly good. Of the few trails I hiked, I liked Watchman best. 

Below is a waterfall on another trail. There were a number of waterfalls going with all the snow pack melting. In fact, a few trails were closed, such as the Narrows, for all the snow melt.

I didn't hike Angels Landing this time. I'll have to check it out next time around.

On the way back from Zion, I stopped at Snow Canyon State Park. What a great little park!! Here's a view from my campsite in the dry camping section:

The hiking there was very good. I especially liked hiking across the petrified sand dunes. It was a bit of a challenge in places, but lots of fun!

Utah has loads of incredibly scenic parks and I'm sure I could spend months there hiking and exploring. I look forward to doing that some day.


  1. Beautiful pictures, Nancy. I love Zion!

  2. Hi there,
    I stood exactly where you were standing, in front of the waterfall in Zion's national park. It's an incredible place. I viewed your friend's, Diane's, pictures of zoo animals. I loved them. I'm a zoo fanatic too. I think the "over-crowded" fish tank is an efficient way to feed some of the zoo animals. At least I hope zoos are trying to be more efficient to cut costs to tax payers. I'd love to work as a zoo keeper after I retire as a teacher. Brit's wedding is coming up soon and work life is still crazy. I'm glad you decided to keep your blog going. Take care, Alis