Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Flipping Good Time

Well, yea, that's kinda the story of my life, but not the point here.

"A Flipping Good Time" is a game developed by a sophomore student team called "Mike's Plumbing and Tile: Media Arts Division" at Digipen Institute of Technology (THE place to go if you want to be a game developer, by the way).

The students create games without using existing game engines. Everything is programmed from the ground up, which is quite impressive, especially when you consider that the students also have a boatload of other classes they're (hopefully) attending.

This game has recently been selected as an official entry in the Extra Credits Innovation Awards. It's been nominated for an award in the category of "Most Unbelievably Awesomely Fun."  The other two nominations for the award are commercial games!

So, check it out. It's easy to learn and most unbelievably awesomely fun to play. You can download the game from their site here.

Oh, yea. I just happen to know the main programmer. He's my son.
(Good job, Mark!)

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