Sunday, November 14, 2010

There's something about the desert...

I grew up on the ocean and have lived on both coasts. I'm not a beach or ocean person tho.

I lived in Colorado for 7 years and thought myself a mountain person. It IS beautiful in Colorado, you know. It's on my list of possible relocations areas.

I never cared for the desert - until recently, after spending some time in it. There's just a feeling to the desert that's indescribable. I love the desert in winter. It's warm during the day and cool (sometimes downright COLD) at night. The night sky is brilliant. Half a moon casts a shadow and lights up the ground. When the moon sets, the sky is alive with stars. I like lying on the roof of my rig at night and staring up at the stars. On a quiet, crisp, cool night, it's almost a religious experience.

I've got to get some tips on using this camera. I can't seem to capture the colors well. In any event, there's just no way to capture the beauty of the desert with a picture anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter. This was taken in Barstow this weekend.

I stayed at Owl Canyon, a BLM campground. No hookups. $6/night. What a deal!

I'll definitely be back to this one.

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  1. I know just how you feel. Terry and I were just talking about how we used to think the desert was just brown, barren and boring, but now we love it so much!

    I cannot wait to get back to the desert, I'm not a happy camper up here under all these trees!