Sunday, October 10, 2010


It's hard enough to find and keep a decent hairdresser/barber when you live in one place, but when you're on the road, it's pretty much impossible. It can also be expensive, especially if you keep your hair short and so cut it often.

A friend told me that her brother has a Flowbee and he swears by it. I'd seen the ads long ago (in the 80's?) and thought it looked promising, but never knew anyone who had one. So, I looked it up online and checked out various reviews. Then I ordered one!

You attach the Flowbee to a vacuum cleaner hose. You can buy a vacuum with the Flowbee when you order it. Below is a promotional picture I found on amazon that shows how it's used:

There are several Youtube videos of folks using Flowbee as well. I'm not going to make a video myself, but I mean to tell you that I have the best haircut I've had in YEARS and it was quick and easy!! Wish I'd bought one of these years ago.

You can see my haircut in the previous post.

I'll bet you were wondering who cut my hair, right?

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