Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Orange County, CA - home

You know, Orange County, California is a beautiful place. I was glad to be there for a while, enjoying the perfect weather and visiting with family and friends. Brion lets me park in his driveway while I'm there and use his washer and dryer. I do laundry while on the road, of course, but what's special about doing laundry here is hanging stuff out on the line. There's nothing better than the smell of sunshine on your clothes and linens!

To the right of the clothesline is the avocado tree. We've eaten tons of avocados off this tree. I think I like picking them as much as I like eating them. There's something special about the home grown stuff, you know?

There's a white peach tree in the back as well. I didn't get a picture of it. I thought that the tree had died a few years ago, but it grew back and now has lots of fruit growing on it. The thing about peaches is that you need to pick them when they're ripe RIGHT NOW or you miss out. I think the pickin' time is less than a week between the time that they're ripe and the time that they're rotten. (We pick avocados for a few months).
There's also a fig tree out front that's got fruit growing on it and I took a picture of some figs here. I'm not a big fan of dried figs, but they're pretty good when they're fresh off the tree.

Now, here's a new experience for me while I was there. Some friends took me to a "high end" roach coach at around midnight one night. Only in California, folks! Seriously, it was after midnight on a Thursday night and this place had a line! I'm told the line was short compared to other times my friends had been there. The tofu tacos were excellent, by the way.

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