Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sedona and Jerome

Beautiful day! I rented a car for the 3-day weekend and got up early this morning and drove to Sedona. I've been wanting to go there for years and this was my first visit. I need to start by saying that no pictures do this place justice. Still, I should post a few.

I went on a jeep tour to Soldier's Pass. The tour guide was great and it was a REAL 4-wheeling adventure. I don't care for the 4-wheeling too much, but the surroundings were breath-taking.

This little town of Sedona has a number of sculptures right on the main street which I found quite beautiful. There are more than what I have here.

I did get a t-shirt. I originally planned to get one of the red dirt dyed t-shirts, but I don't care all that much for the rust color, as unique as they are. I had a difficult time deciding on what color shirt to get. Since I don't have a red tshirt, that's the one I got.

After Sedona, I decided to drive to Jerome. I looked at an RV in Prescott last summer and the folks there recommended I check out Jerome if I planned on hanging around for a couple days. What a unique place. It's an old mining town (copper mine) that kind of hangs on the side of a hill. Here's a picture taken from the town looking out/down. Some of the most incredible views I've seen yet.

I got a bit more sun than I expected today. Tomorrow I will probably hang out locally and then go to the Grand Canyon on Monday.

The campground where I'm staying has been quiet, but this being a holiday weekend, there are more people here and it's quite the hopping place. Lots of families and kids, which is great. There's a nice feeling to this place. And at 7000', it's very cool at night, which is nice too.

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