Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grand Canyon

I got a later start this morning than I intended, but I didn't have a lot planned as far as touring, so it was an easy going day. For me, there's an incredible sense of freedom in driving and that feeling is intensified in the wide open spaces out here. I'm rejuventated!

I hadn't planned on going to the Grand Canyon, but ended up there anyway. I drove in through the east entrance for the first time ever.

There are a bazillion pictures of the Grand Canyon on the web, but here are a couple more. It's the best you'll get from me and not anywhere NEAR as beautiful as it is when you're actually there, but here you go. I didn't venture all the way into Grand Canyon Village, so these are just a couple shots from the east side. Tomorrow I'll get a couple more.

If you haven't ever been to the Grand Canyon, put it on your Bucket List. It's a must.


  1. I remember when you took me there Aunt is so is beyond words..