Sunday, May 23, 2010


The drive here from Santa Fe was very, VERY windy! In fact, part of the interstate (I-40) was closed because of the wind and resultant dust storms, so I had to take an alternate route. As it turned out, the alternate route was BEAUTIFUL and I'm glad to have taken the diversion. I didn't take any pictures though.

I'm at a gorgeous campground and there are plenty of hiking trails nearby. I did some hiking this morning, even though it was still very windy. I didn't go to the top of the hill because of the wind, but the views from halfway up were still quite stunning. Check it out.

I decided to get some hiking boots after my hike, so rode into town to get some. I hope they work out better than the last couple pair I bought. If these don't work, I'm giving up on hiking boots and getting myself a good pair of combat boots. Don't laugh. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. Of course, finding the kind that I wore back in the 70's might be a trick. They don't make those particular ones any more.

The wind is still blowing outside and rocking the RV some. There are train whistles in the distance. I kind of like the sound of the train whistles.

The smell of the air here, that pine and woodsy smell, reminds me of weekends we spent at Chatfield Hollow State Park in Connecticut when I was a kid (long time ago). Good memories.

I really like it here. It's far enough from town and in the woods that it's quiet, with the distant train whistles, but close enough that it's accessible by public transportation (the bus stop is nearby). Grocery store is within walking distance, if you don't mind walking, and biking is an option - bike paths are good.

I might stay here a while.

I'll take more pictures next weekend, I promise.

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  1. Love your descriptions: feel the wind, hear the whistle, smell the pine... And Chatfield Hollow!
    Wish we were there so we could see the view AND you! Good luck finding the boots.