Monday, April 26, 2010

Moving south

It's been too long since I've posted, I know.
I spent a few days in Arlington, TX, then went back to Waxahachie for the weekend and the Renaissance again. Mark and Betty bought me a special edition Renaissance t-shirt:

After Scarborough, I drove down to San Antonio to visit Leroy and Linda. I lucked out and both their girls were at their house when I arrived. I bought a t-shirt in support of the Austin Wildcats Semi Professional Women's Arena Soccer team:

And here's the back of the shirt:

About 6 months ago, Leroy and I got into a conversation about nutrition and he's since adopted a vegan diet. He fasts weekly and he works out at the gym on his way to the office 5 days/week. He's inspired me to clean up my diet. I DO feel better on the vegan diet, I have to admit. I don't know that I'll do the strict vegan diet I was on last year, but I'm definitely making changes in that direction.

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