Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lone Star State

I love Texas. Although I'm originally from the east coast, whenever I drive into Texas, I feel like I've arrived home.

I expected to take 2 days to get here to east Texas from NM, but was loving the drive and kept on going until I arrived where my brother and his family are parked in their 40' diesel pusher. My rig looks like a midget next to theirs. With 4 slideouts, the inside of their RV is bigger than some apartments I've been in.

I should probably post at least one picture of the inside of my RV. Here's one that I took with the couch made up as a bed for Debbie when she stayed with me in the RV. The couch actually pulls out even farther, in case you need room for 2 people on it, but this worked just fine for Debbie.

It really is quite comfy.

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  1. Big RV, Little RV... cute! Like the inside of yours, too.