Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh my goodness! I bought a motorhome!!

I'd been looking at RVs for a couple years when I finally decided what I wanted. I decided on a small Class C and would buy one used to limit the expense and the loss if I decide that I hate it and want to sell it.

In September 2009, I found a very well cared for 1998 Lazy Daze 23.5' Front Lounge and decided to take the plunge.

Since then, I've moved from my apartment in southern California and into the RV. Well, I'm ALMOST all moved in. I've gotten rid of most every THING I own, put a few things in storage, obtained a mail forwarding service, changed addresses, gone paperless in most accounts, etc.

Launch date is Friday, March 19, 2010 - a day and a half from now. Somewhat scarey, but mostly just very, VERY exciting.

Stay tuned.


  1. Awesome. I am excited for you.

    -- Mark

  2. Nancy, I am so proud of you!! We talked of this so often, and now it's finally happening!! I can hardly wait until you get to Saskatchewan!! (Word of advice -- try to come sometime between June and October -- the snow has usually disappeared by then!)
    Travel safely and happily -- and have a BALL!!
    Many hugs & kisses

  3. Hey I can't wait til you find your way to Mississippi!

  4. And she's OFF...Sounds like your launch was successful. Rick and I are several shades of green. We're looking into joining some ESCAPEES groups. Keep trucking (and bloggin).

    Nola & Rick.

  5. Glad you're having fun! We miss you!